Custodial centres

A very demanding universe

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With a 115% occupation rate as of 1st May, 2011 according to the French prison administration, prison overcrowding has been a major and recurring problem for many years. Because of infrastructures that are often obsolete, associations have highlighted detention conditions. This has led to the necessity to overhaul the French prison network.


This is why, in 2002, France introduced the Justice Law of Orientation and Planning, a construction programme to create room in new detention centres, designed to guarantee security but also to preserve the human rights of prisoners. In the “13,200 Programme,” the latest of date, construction has been entrusted to private partners. The latest project in this programme is truly new: it is a “full PPP” contract (Private - Public Partnership) which includes financing, designing, maintenance and running the facilities for 30 years, as well as the supply of personal services, which, up until now, had been State controlled.

A global energy, service and maintenance offer

The State, who owns these facilities, has been able to entrust their everyday running to one or more service providers since 1991. Very few detention centres however are completely managed by delegation to private companies, and more often than not, in this case, services are farmed out to several stakeholders. This results in the State having to manage several sub-contractors on very sensitive sites.

Expert in Facility ManagementBouygues Energies & Services can propose a global running, maintenance and service offer for detention centres. Except for guarding the prisoners, Bouygues Energies & Services can ensure all maintenance and personal services to support the Prison Administration. Administration is thus able to focus on its regalian function of surveillance and reinsertion of prisoners while having a sole contact for the entire duration of the contract (30 years in the framework of a PPP).
With Thémis FM, its subsidiary, Bouygues Energies & Services proposes services including:

  • Energy supply;
  • Meals for prisoners and penitentiary personnel;
  • Accommodation and laundry;
  • Professional training for prisoners;
  • Penitentiary work;
  • Transport of prisoners;
  • Reception of families;
  • Multi - technical maintenance and heavy upkeep;
  • Renewal of installations;
  • Hotel services and the cafeteria.