Connected territories

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Through our subsidiary Axione, we offer local authorities, operators and suppliers a single model for operating fast and superfast digital networks (FTTH). As market leader in Public Initiative Networks (PINs), we deliver an integrated service that ranges from the design through to the operation of the networks as part of a public service concession or public-private partnership (PPP).


Developing digital services in the regions

 We operate across the entire value chain in the telecoms and digital sectors through public service concessions :

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Operation
  • Marketing
  • The deployment and maintenance of fixed and mobile networks
  • The operation of wired and wireless networks
  • The management of fast and superfast telecoms infrastructure assets (FTTH, etc.)


Reducing the digital divide

We implement Public Initiative Networks (PINs) in rural areas as part of public service concessions. This involves the turnkey installation of neutral infrastructure shared by all operators, offering the same access and range of digital services as in cities. Axione operates 15 PINs covering 12%  of the French population and 4,650 municipalities connected to a FTTH network.


Bouygues Energies & Services offers a unique service in the digital infrastructure market. Through its specialist subsidiary Axione, Bouygues Energy & Services helps local authorities, telecoms operators and suppliers to roll out digital cities. From design, through operation and maintenance of new digital networks such as FTTH and 4G, to installation, Bouygues Energies & Servicesprovides long-term support for your digital city projects. Networks are operated through public service concessions or PPPs. This integrated solution is designed to address the new challenges presented by growth in fixed and mobile digital networks, such as the deployment of fibre optics